About the manufacturer

Turboparts company is a professional manufacturer of turbochargers and cartridges for them, one of the best exporters of turbochargers. The company produces turbines and turbine cartridges for cars, light vans, trucks of different models and brands.

Turboparts constantly focuses on quality control and the development of new markets, so our goal is to produce high quality turbochargers for customers. All turbines and their parts meet the strict requirements for these products for reliable operation under heavy loads for a long time. Each turbocharger is balanced at the factory during production and is ready to be installed in the turbocharger.

Thanks to the multi-level quality control system implemented in the company, consumers who purchase products are guaranteed its strict compliance with international standards. We have a skilled and hardworking technical team and we are constantly providing professional training. The company is engaged in the development of new products, provides more than a thousand species